“Some Men Break” Published in Daily Science Fiction

He had a driftwood heart; he had sleepy-ocean eyes.

I lifted my bloodied head from the sand and there he was, standing on spindly branching legs. Battered wreckage that had long since been washed thin and worn by the waves. I felt the pound of the surf in my temple, in my throat, in my groin.

I coughed up the salty sea and he only stood watching.

As my vision blurred out, I began to think he was only flotsam. Only jetsam. Not a man at all.
I’m happy to announce that I’ve got a pretty little flash piece out in Daily Science Fiction today.  “Some Men Break” is among my favorite flash pieces–mostly because, to me, the image of the driftwood man is so captivating and the story was so fun to write.  It’s free to read, so make sure you stop by and take a look!

I’ve had my eye on DSF for quite some time, hoping to be published with them.  “Some Men Break” was my eighteenth submission to this magazine and my first YES.  It wasn’t the story I thought they would buy–I thought it was too language-focused, not enough clear plot, etc.  I learned the value of persistence (after 17 rejections) and not self-rejecting (you never know sometimes what will strike an editor just right!) with this one story sale.  Super happy.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share with your friends and/or let me know what you thought of the piece!

“Coming Undone” Published in Apex, Issue 75

The writing journey has been, at times, a slow one.  I have inched along, slowly gaining progress, gaining purchase on an uneven path.  I don’t think I will have ever arrived, because–in my mind at least–there is no such thing.  There’s no point at which I will level out and stop learning.  At least, I hope there isn’t.

The path is marked with milestones and I’ve reached another.  It feels good to stop, look back, celebrate.

What exactly am I rambling about tonight?

Apex 75

Last week, I had a flash piece published in Apex Magazine.  Yet another market I’ve been steadily submitting to for quite some time.  And I finally broke through–got the good news last year, in fact.  This month the story was published alongside stories from some of my short story heroes: E. Catherine Tobler, A. Merc Rustad, Sunny Moraine, Damien Angelica Walters, and more.  When I got the issue proofs and saw all those names listed in the table of contents I was blown away.  That I get to share the pages with authors who constantly inspire me to write more beautiful prose, reach for deeper meanings–it’s just…a dream come true.

So I’ll stop rambling now.  A bit about my story–it’s called “Coming Undone” obviously, and it has a better ending than it did on my first draft.  I always veer for those really horrible, depressing endings, but thanks to some great critiques, I found a better path for this particular story.  It’s a very short piece, and still quite dark.  Also, free to read!

I hope you’ll take the time to read my story (click here!), and all the other amazing stories in this issue of Apex. 

Huge thanks to every one of you who has already read the story, or commented, or shared, or all of the above!  And extra special thanks to everyone who continues to support me.  You are all amazing. <3


Review: The End of the Trail by Louis Rakovich


It’s been a long time since I stopped in here for another book/story review, but I’m happy to bring you news of a new novelette from author Louis Rakovich.  I’ve read and enjoyed Louis’ short stories before and was eager to get a chance to read this dark tale.  Before I tell you what I thought of the read, here’s a bit about the story:

A barren land of salt and snow; a castle where underground paths twist and turn in endless circles and a reclusive king has not shown his face in years; a forest where few things are what they seem. An unnamed hero must navigate through these places as he takes on the task of tracking down a supposed witch, in a story that blends dream and reality, rumor and truth, danger and hope.

  Then begins the forest. It’s possible to sleep there at night without a roof over your head. The wind is calm, and a good bonfire will hold. There are few animals there, and one creature who whispers your name while you sleep.

I read this novelette over the course of two days worth of lunch breaks at work–it proved an excellent respite from my day job, a quick and dark escape.  I found The End of the Trail to be a gorgeously written tale with a lovely, haunting atmosphere.  The characters are beautiful with their sharp edges and their quiet need.  The tale unravels at just the perfect pace as the trail winds and wends, offering just enough history to make the world feel deep and complete and more than it shows us.  I wanted the end to linger a bit more, give me time to process, but found it beautiful nonetheless.

For more information and links for purchasing this novelette through various sites, please click here to visit Louis’ website.  Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


“N is for…” Published in B is for Broken Anthology


I’m a bit behind in announcing this, but I’ve had another story published.  This time I can’t share the whole title. You may remember back when I had a story (“Y is for…”) published in Rhonda Parrish’s A is for Apocalypse anthology.  I’m back again in another Parrish anthology–this time with “N is for…” in her B is for Broken anthology.

The idea for this series of anthologies is so great.  Each one of us authors was given a letter and we each wrote stories around those letters, all dealing in some form or another with the theme of ‘broken’.  My story is an urban fantasy tale dealing with the good and bad side of magic, as well as the good and bad sides of ourselves.

So here’s a bit more information and you can pick up a copy of the anthology HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Broken people, broken promises, broken dreams and broken objects are just some of the ways these 26 fantastic stories interpret the theme of ‘Broken’. From science fiction to fantasy, horror to superheroes the stories within these pages cover a vast swath of the genres under the speculative fiction umbrella.


Featuring all new original fiction by:


~ Brittany Warman ~ Milo James Fowler ~ C.S. MacCath ~ Sara Cleto ~ Samantha Kymmell-Harvey ~ Megan Arkenberg ~ Gary B. Phillips ~ Alexandra Seidel ~ Jonathan C. Parrish ~ Simon Kewin ~ Beth Cato ~ Cory Cone ~ Cindy James ~ Alexis A. Hunter ~ Michael M. Jones ~ Steve Bornstein ~ BD Wilson ~ Michael Kellar ~ Damien Angelica Walters ~ Marge Simon ~ Michael Fosburg ~ Suzanne van Rooyen ~ L.S. Johnson ~ Pete Aldin ~ Gabrielle Harbowy ~ Lilah Wild ~ KV Taylor ~




Praise for B is for Broken:

 “This collection is a massive and magnificent assortment of truly enjoyable stories. There is simply no way to read this book and not find a story you can connect with or love. This is the book to have in your travel bag. In it you are sure to find a tale to fit any mood. Each time you open it, a new adventure begins.”

~ Anita Allen, Assistant Publisher/Editor, Mythic Delirium Books


“Always Another Point” Published in Insert Title Here, a FableCroft Anthology

I somehow completely dropped the ball on this. This awesome anthology–packed full of stories I can’t wait to read–was published at the beginning of the month.  It features my “werewolf in space” story (which is more than just that, I assure you)–“Always Another Point”.


There are already a few reviews out for this collection.  Katharine at VentureAdlaxre had kind words to say about my story:

This piece parallels many issues and discrimination we have in the world today, and is also incredibly sad. However, it also ends in hope. This is a strong piece that needs to be read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Needless to say, I’m happy to have this piece out in the world and I hope you’ll take the time to check out this anthology (click here to view on Amazon).  It’s said to have lots of dark tales–I’m looking forward to diving into it myself! Now I’ll leave you with a very short teaser.

Thanks for reading!



Jenna paced the narrow confines of the maintenance chamber. She checked the time again.

Her steps faltered as pain burst through her—a momentary flash that tensed every muscle to an unbearable degree. She bit down on a yelp, braced herself with one hand against the rusted wall, and dropped the other hand to cradle her swollen belly.

The physical pain subsided. Tears blurred her vision. She snapped her hand away from her stomach as if stung. Even after a week, she kept forgetting. There would be no reply to her touch—no playful kicks or gut-churning somersaults. Just stillness that birthed an unbearable ache deep in her core.

Jenna shook herself. There wasn’t time to mourn. Not yet. Another glance at her watch. Knox was late. Jenna had been clear in her instructions; his delay could mean only bad news.



April on Fire: “Molten Heart” & “Burn Me, Love”

I’m popping back in today to bring you guys two more published stories–both, coincidentally, with titles revolving around fire!  Many of you have already read, commented, and shared both of these stories and I am beyond happy with the response both tales have received.  For those of you who missed it, it’s not too late to read these two super short stories.

On Wednesday, freeze frame fiction launched it’s fourth volume, including my brief and non-genre (read: literary? maybe?) story, “Burn Me, Love.”  I wrote this story initially during last year’s Story-a-Day May and it was, in it’s original form, a combination of prose and poetry sections.  When I sent it along to Dino over at fff, he suggested that the story was more powerful without the poetry sections.  I was happy to remove them (honestly, I’m not very good at poetry) and I think it was for the better.  This is a little tale with a lot of pain in it and I love it so much.  Some stories you just hold dear and this is one of them.

In her mind, she hears the voice of her seventeen year old daughter. The disgusted sigh, the cutting barb. You’re such a whore, Mom.

Is she?

Two divorces and a string of three-week-or-less relationships. Her eyes always hunting, always haunting. She’s hungry. Does that make her a whore?

Yes, she tells herself. Yes.

She should tear her gaze from the man across the coffee shop.

But she can’t. She doesn’t want to.

On Thursday, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination launched their April issue, featuring my “science fantasy” flash piece, “Molten Heart.”  It’s free to read at the moment, so be sure to check it out online while you can.

Fantastic Stories Molten Heart

They didn’t want me to look human, so they didn’t give me eyes. They thought if they shaped me like a monster — a hulking ton of red Mars clay, mute and blind — that she wouldn’t love me.

They were wrong.


If you enjoy reading either of these publications, please consider donating a few dollars as a sort of tip.  You can support freeze frame fiction in a number of ways–whether a one time PayPal donation or by becoming a supporter on Patreon.  Fantastic Stories is actually running a IndieGoGo (sort of like Kickstarter) campaign to help raise funds to pay their authors (and they pay a fantastic rate, which is much appreciated by authors like me!).

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think! :)


“We Always Will Be” Published in Faed

I’m a bit behind announcing this, but you can pick up an awesome collection full of stories about “the good neighbors, the folk under the hill, the fae,” including my little bitty flash tale, “We Always Will Be.”   Just look at this amazing cover art by the talented George Cotronis:


And just for fun, here’s a little snippet of my story!

I forced myself to keep walking toward the light, blinking in the distance. Fog rolled out of the tangled edges of the forest around me—white hands reaching for my feet, nearly obscuring the cracked and broken pavement.

The longer I walked, stutter-stepping between the metronome flash of light ahead, the farther away the beacon seemed to be. Some part of me realized this was wrong, all wrong, but I was drawn irresistibly forward.

Be sure to check Faed out, as there’s a host of excellent authors in this project!