Written. Edited. Now What Should I Name You?

Sometimes titles come naturally to me.  They just jump out and yell, “Please pick me!”

For my latest short story, however, nothing’s coming to me.  I’m wracking my brain, looking up inspiring quotes, even digging through my Bible, all in an attempt to come up with the perfect name.

A bit of explanation about the story itself may be in order.  I decided to write a short story (5,000 words or under) for a new e-anthology being produced byhttp://www.darkwineandstars.blogspot.com/. The anthology, Cat’s Eye New Bella, has a deadline of June 25th.  They were looking for stories based on cats and based somewhere in the fantasy/sci-fi/horror area.

So I thought, why not?  Sure the whole cat thing’s a little funny, but I had nothing better to write about and all of this short story writing is quite thrilling.

I set about writing a story that had little to no plot.  It just came right off the top of my head.  I mulled over the ideas as I drifted to sleep on June 7th, and when I got up the next day, I set to work.  I spent two and a half hours pounding the story out.  Later I changed the ending to be darker, but recently, under the advisement of my very talented, screen-play writing brother, I decided to go back to the original plotline.

So what is that plot line?  It will sound very silly spelling it out here, but I’m going to go ahead and let you laugh at me this time.  Especially because I’m pretty sure no one’s reading this.  But that’s alright. 😉


I.) Girl is captured by warriors and cast into pit

II.) Girl meets Imprisoned Cat who talks and says he has been there 6 years

III.) Girl meets Lordly Cat who rules the warriors

A.) Girl finds out her brother, also captured, will be killed the next day

IV.) Imprisoned Cat explains that Lordly Cat takes human souls to put into younger generation of soulless cats

V.) Girl allows Imprisoned Cat’s soul to join her, unsure if she will live

VI.) Girl and Imprisoned Cat, in same body, arise from pit to save Girl’s brother and people

Anyway, now that you’re done laughing, let me continue.  My working title has been ”Two Souls, One Body,” but it just doesn’t feel right to me.  So I’m on the lookout for a better title.  If you have any ideas let me know.  The more time that passes, the more I get anxious.  It’s like having a baby and not knowing what to name it, so you just call it ‘Baby.’

Mana esselya?

(What is your name?)



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