I Grew Up with my Editor

My Editor is my buddy.  One of my best friends.

And my brother.

That might sound cheesy, and probably unrealistic.  But the truth is my brother is the closest thing I have to an editor.   He’s a good guy for the job too.  Eric’s been studying the film industry/screen writing for probably two years now.  He’s made leaps and bounds in his knowledge of film-making and constantly amazes me with his skill.  As a writer, he is equally talented.  He’s probably been writing for as long as I have.

Eric is two years younger than me, but you wouldn’t know it from the way our relationship works.  I’m constantly sending him my short stories and works.  For the past two short stories, he’s sent me a line-by-line edit with his notes in red.  He’s always very modest and insists these things are just his opinions.  But I trust his opinions when they don’t directly contradict my gut instinct.

Without him, I’d be lost.  He’s been my constant supporter and encouraged me nonstop for many years.  I try to do the same for him and look forward to the day he becomes  a successful director in Hollywood.

Today he handed off his line-edit to me.  I’ve almost finished straightening and polishing my latest short story.  I’ve finally decided to name it “Soul Eclipse,” at least for now.  It’s almost complete, and in good time too, as the deadline in June 25th.  Soon I’ll have it submitted and with any luck it’ll be accepted.

Off to do more editing,



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