How Do You Define Success?

…I define it as completing a story – whether book, short story, novella or poem.

A lot of people think that being published is the definition of success for a writer.  And maybe for some writers it is.  But not for me.  No, all I desire is that I finish the stories I so dearly long to.  After that, I leave the rest in God’s hands.

I would love to be published, don’t get me wrong.  But to me, being published is my dream.  Finishing my works is my plan.  There is a vast difference between plans and dreams.  Plans you set out to accomplish.  Dreams you glance at wistfully, with starry eyes, when you wake up in the morning, or when you fall asleep at night, or when you get a quiet moment in the middle of your day.  Dreams, for me, are the things you smile at and think, “That would be nice…now to get back to my plans.”

I feel successful today.  Very successful.  I have just finished and submitted ”Soul Eclipse.”  That makes my second short story in as many months.  If I can keep this rate up over the summer, I will be quite delighted when fall rolls around.  And if I maintain the one short story a month habit throughout the year, soon I will have enough to have bound through Lulu.com.

Then I will feel very successful indeed.

So wherever you are as a writer, no matter how big or small your dreams – take time to celebrate the little successes every day.  The success of writing another page.  Of finishing another chapter.  And of writing and creating in general.




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