Experimenting With Flash Fiction

I never thought I could write short stories.  I’ve always been far to verbose to limit the word count in that way.  Or so, I thought.

The past two months have proven that I am indeed capable of writing short stories.  How good or bad they are is debatable, but the truth that I CAN write them is very freeing.  With this new lesson learned, I set out two days ago to experiment with an even shorter form of fiction writing.

Flash Fiction.

Wikipedia defines Flash Fiction as fiction generally under 1,000 words.  So after finding a one-line prompt at about.com, I gave it a shot.  The results, I think, were quite good.  I wrote a 579 word short story using the line – “Every morning a crow comes and sits at my window” – as a starting place.  If anyone’s interested in reading my results, I posted it on my other writing blog on blogspot.

I said all that to say that I’ve found a way to keep writing even when I’m not working on a larger project.  Flash fiction works good for filling in small empty spaces in magazines – and it works equally well filling in the small gaps between short stories in my life! 🙂




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