Some time has passed since my last entry to this writing journal.  In that time, much has passed.  I’m now employed at Best Buy and currently working nearly full time hours.  Having never worked retail, let alone sales, it has been an interesting adventure.  My confidence in working with people is steadily increasing and I find the job quite enjoyable.

But on to much more exciting things!

Over the summer I experimented with flash fiction and short stories as I mentioned previously.  As I went along I tried to submit the stories to as many various magazines as I could find.  I found the website http://www.duotrope.com to be an invaluable aid to me – and I highly recommend it to any budding authors.

I usually submit stories and then completely forget about it.  Publishers usually take so long getting back to you that it is most often just easier to forget about it entirely.

So it was that when I received an email from This Mutant Life, I was rather surprised.  Not only were they responding finally – they were accepting my story!  The short story they accepted is entitled ‘Just a Regular Hero.’  It is to be published in the January 2011 issue of This Mutant Life (http://www.thismutantlife.com) – providing there were no errors and that nothing changes between now and then.  I cannot begin to explain how ecstatic and floored I was upon receiving this email!!  It was and is my dream come true, and more than I ever really expected to happen.

Now I am also diving into the world of self-publication.  I recently finished a novella (30k+ words) which I wrote for my three younger siblings.  I wrote a chapter each week and mailed it to them until, at 17 chapters, it was completed.  I have edited it (though it could still use some polishing, I daresay), and published it through lulu.com (link to follow post).  The title of the book is Following the Golden Path: The Adventures of Raven, Ricochet and Freeze.

All in all, I am feeling quite pleased with my life as it is.  With the new job, I find time is a precious commodity.  I haven’t been able to do very much writing since finishing the childrens’ book.  I hope to catch up soon – if not before Christmas, than certainly afterward.  For now I am enjoying every minute of time I can with my dear husband and looking forward to seeing my darling family here at the holidays.

As always, thank you for reading.  I hope each of you has a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nai Anar Caluva Tielyanna

(May the sun shine on your path)



Link: http://www.lulu.com/product/hardcover/following-the-golden-path-the-adventures-of-raven-ricochet-and-freeze/13626138


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