Looking for Inspiration

Inspiration is something which cannot be forced.  This I have learned in the past few months.  Just because I long to write, burn to write, need to write, does not mean that I can.  That urge is like a half opened gas valve that will only ignite when a flame is born.  Inspiration is the spark, and the longing to write is the fuel.

To have one without the other is most painful for a writer.

So, unable to write, I have tended to my submissions on duotrope.  This is quite possibly my most favorite writing site.  I have found countless opportunities there, and have begun considering donating to their cause.

One submission (‘Soul Eclipse’ the cat story) from back in June has gone without response from the editor for some time.  If the site still looked active, I might hold on longer, but it appears dead and unchanged.  I sent a query to the editor at least a month ago, but received no response.  So, with some hesitation, I sent her an email removing my submission.

I proceeded to submit it to a magazine called New Fables.  New Fables seems to be centered on stories involving anthropomorphic animals (is that redundant?), and seeing as the cat is so involved in Soul Eclipse, I thought it might be a good match.  Their site says they generally take about a month to respond, so hopefully they will by the end of December.

Shuffling my submissions around has been good for me.  A snack instead of the meal that I desired.  Who knows, perhaps inspiration will strike me soon.  It often does in the most unexpected of times.  It’s quite possibly hiding around the corner – just a day away.  Until then, I will rest up from my recent illness and go back to Best Buy to sell more computers.  🙂

Have a blessed December,



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