The Bug

I have it.

The writing bug that is.

While it isn’t unusual for me to feel that itch to write, I have noticed it hasn’t been going away like usual.  After writing my First Line submission, ‘The Drone Chip,’ I expected for my thirst to be sated for at least a week.  And what did I find?  That was not at all the case.  The night after writing ‘The Drone Chip‘ I sat down with a notebook for an hour at least and wished and wished I could write.

Then last night, I sat down and wrote a prototype for a second The First Line story.  It came out to about 1,400 words.  Whether or not it is any good – it really doesn’t matter.  I was hoping it would satisfy this desire.

And where do I find myself tonight?

Sitting in front of my computer, pouring through internet sites and seeking inspiration.  To write yet another story.  I cannot understand it.  The only theory I have is that perhaps since I don’t have time to quilt anymore, my addictive and creative personality is dying for an outlet.

Which brings up a somewhat similar subject (in a completely unrelated manner).  I recently stumbled across a fellow writers statement which said that some people desire rather to have written than to write.  It really made me stop and think.  What kind of writer am I?  Do I write only because I love to have written a story?  That is – is it only for the feeling of success I get from finishing a work?  Or do I write because I need to?  Because if I did not, I would burn inside?

I would like to think I write for the second reason.  And this week’s unfulfilled desire to create stories and characters and emotions seems to indicate as much.  Either way, I’m hoping at the very least this little blog will help me get by until the moment of inspiration strikes.

Merry Christmas to all!



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