Tomorrow’s Another Day

I – like everyone else I know stuck on this crazy, spinning planet – occasionally have a bad day.  Work is stressful.  Things don’t go like I planned.  I miss my family.  And when I collapse on my couch after such a day, I feel the exhaustion tugging at me.  So tired, and downed by the day, that I long only to collapse on my bed and cry.

I believe everyone has these days.  However they handle them, it’s a feeling we all know well.

And yet, as I sit here feeling a little blue, I realize that this down, depressed feeling does not feel the same as it used to.

Because the feeling doesn’t go as deep.  Deep down inside of me, hidden from the human eye, I feel a core of peace.  Of hope.  No matter how much things seem to go wrong sometimes.  No matter how bleak things begin to look.  I see now this peace, this love within me.

I believe that core is there because of my God and my husband.  Both give me a reason to push on.  God affords me the peace and the hope that tomorrow will be better than today.  Bo gives me the hope and the strength to push on because I know that when tomorrow comes, whatever it brings, he will still be by my side.

The truth is the things that get me down like this – they are mere circumstantial.  My life is still full of beauty, though dimmed by a cloud or two in the sky.  My God still is all too loving and forgiving.  My husband still cares for me most tenderly.  And my family, though they are indeed so far away, love me just as much today as they did the day before.

I rest in the hope of these thoughts.  And cling to them in my hour of need.  For they give strength to me.

And tomorrow’s another day.  As Tolkien so wisely wrote “night changes many thoughts.”  Waking the next morning often brings a new outlook.  A fresh beginning.

Wishing you this same hope and peace,



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