The Devil’s Sport

Well, it’s been quite awhile, but tonight I finished another short story.  I’m a little worried because a month actually went by before I managed to write another piece.  I’d like to say Christmas had something to do with that gap, not to mention that I worked nearly full time hours just before Christmas.

Yeah, yeah, that’s it. 😛

Anyway, ‘The Devil’s Sport’ is finished – I think.  I had actually written a first version that was very short, very unorganized and only about 1,400 words.  This one I’ve lengthened a little and filled out some.  It stands – before editing – at 2,611 words.  Still a short story, but I think with a little more body.

I’m definitely interested in hearing some feedback on the story.  I posted it on Facebook to my notes with only limited friends allowed to read it.  I look forward to hearing their thoughts.  Right off the bat, I believe the story’s biggest problem is that half the story is about this guy and his wife – the other half almost seems to randomly through the fantastical ending at you.  I want it to read more seamlessly and so am looking forward to hearing how other people think it went to double check if my gut reaction was right or not.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get this story edited and submitted to Pill Hill’s “How The West Was Wicked” Anthology that is coming up here shortly.

Anyways, off for now.  Shoot me a message if you want to read the new story!




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