Another One!

Happy news, friends!  ‘The Devil’s Sport,’ a short fiction piece I wrote about two weeks ago, has been accepted for publication in the How the West Was Wicked Anthology from Pill Hill Press.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!  I liked the story, but wasn’t sure a publisher would see any merit in it.

This marks the third story I’ve had accepted for publication.  One other has been shortlisted (for the Through the Eyes of the Undead II Anthology).  All in all, I am feeling very good about my writing career.  I had always hoped that things would go this well, and am so delighted to see this actually happening!

I’m not sure when the anthology will be published – it’s only about halfway full at the moment – but I’ll let you know the moment I get a date.  Submitted another work late last night – a flash fiction piece called ‘No Other Way’ to the 5×5 flash fiction magazine.

Take care all!



2 thoughts on “Another One!

  1. Congratulations! I saw that anthology announcement but had no idea what to write on that theme at the time. But I’m delighted that you’ve got a piece there — doesn’t the acceptance letter/email feel oh so good, especially after all those rejection emails? 🙂

    Btw, the title is awesome. I’m curious about the story… Good job!



  2. Just saw your comment (I need to be more observant, lol) – thanks so much. It is definitely a wonderful feeling. The rejection emails don’t sting so much when you have a few acceptances to counter balance them. 🙂

    If you think of anything to write for the anthology, I believe the deadline isn’t until March 31st. They have quite a few awesome themes for their anthologies, and I’m hoping to write some stuff up for a few of them.

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