A Word on Rejection


It’s one of a writer’s biggest obstacles – standing side-by-side with the massive ‘distraction’ obstacle.  The two can be imposing for a writer, and I am no exception to that standard.

I received two more rejections within the span of two days, and of course those are no fun. Did it surprise me? Not really.  Dishearten me?  Nope.  Still, I won’t argue with the fact that it did sting a little.

For those of you who don’t write, let me explain the feeling like this.  It’s like having a baby.  That baby is absolutely perfect in your eyes – even though that logical, unbiased tiny fraction of your brain whispers that the baby’s nose is too big.  Or his feet are too hairy or some such nonsense.  But when you look at your child – you don’t see those things.  You see the creation that was made of your own body.  A part of yourself poured into a new cup.

That’s somewhat similar to how I view my own stories (although I’m sure not every author is the same).  There are differences of course – I wouldn’t die for my story like I would for a child.  I wouldn’t give up life and limb to protect my story as I would for a baby.  But my point is – my stories are my children.  They are…what I pour myself into.  A reflection of who I am.

And I love my stories.  I’m not trying to brag or boast.  I know there are better author’s out there than me.  I know for a fact, because I’ve read their stories!  And the rejection emails tell me as much.

BUT, that does not change the fact that these stories are my own.  So yes, rejection stings a little bit.

That does not, however, change my enjoyment of writing.  The joy of writing for me is in the act of creation.  Publication is a distant dream (and one soon to be achieved with three accepted stories), but the true wonder, the true satisfaction for ME – comes from the writing of the story.  From placing that last period, sitting back, sighing and smiling and thinking – “yes, there you are, my pretty child.  Let me clean you up and show you to the world.”

So what’s one more rejection? I cling to the acceptances, but even more so to the thrill of writing.  I encourage you to do the same, fellow writers.  I think we, as artists in general, would be a lot happier if we didn’t depend so much on the approval of others.



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