Whoops – Didn’t See That!

So tonight I decided to go back through one of my short stories from last fall.  It had been rejected from its first submission, and I thought I’d give it a read, see if I couldn’t clean it up a little and find a new magazine to submit to.

Two things always amaze me when rereading a story after multiple months.

1.) How fun it is!  I love rereading a story after so long.  You get a whole new perspective.  Renewed faith in your story.  And you remember why you loved it in the first place.  It’s a morale booster for sure.  🙂

2.) How many errors were made and not caught!  As I began pouring through the story, I kept an eye open for errors – and boy did I find them!  I’m not sure how I missed them all.  But there was more than a few ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ things and the like.  A good combing got most of those out, I believe – and explained to me why it’s possible it got rejected the first time around in the first place.  So now that The Bloodsucker’s Butler is all cleaned up I’ve gone ahead and submitted to the ever-beautiful and fascinating Shimmer Magazine.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck this time around.  I certainly feel better about the story, now that I’ve edited and polished it some more.  Who knows, three months down the road, I could look and find more mistakes I didn’t see this time around!  🙂

If it gets rejected again I’m entertaining the idea of revamping it a little.  My only hesitation now about the story is it might be a touch on the repetitive side.  It could do with some tightening up and possibly has too much telling instead of showing.  But I’ll have to check that out if this one falls through.

Anyways, it’s almost 3:00 AM – I suppose I should hit the hay, huh?  Wishing you all a beautiful night.



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