Canyon Road

A few months back I posted a little about my ‘editor,’ aka, my brother, Michael Traven.

Today’s post goes back to him.  I mentioned before that Michael is jumping into the filmmaking world.  I am beyond excited to be able to say that he is very soon flying out to California to help his film director friend out with the making of a feature length movie.  This is such a wonderful opportunity for my brother and I could not be more excited for him.

Michael has been one of my staunchest supporters throughout my writing career.  When we were kids we fought like any other siblings, but as we matured we began to realize we had a lot of things in common.  He loves to write, I love to write.  He has a creative soul, so do I.  We both enjoy stories that are dark, twisted, and make you feel something.  Michael is a fantastic writer and a fantastic filmmaker, and for these reasons I have often asked him to give me what we call ‘line-edits’ of my stories before I send them off.  He makes suggestions, I check my gut and take or leave them accordingly.

I don’t know where I’d be without my brother, not just in the writing area of my life, but in general.  Through emotional trials, the fears and hopes of my dating years, through the rebellion of my teenage state, he has been there for me.  I want to do everything I can to support his dreams, to cheer him on and encourage him as he pursues what some would call impossible.

And I can use your help.  Michael has recently created a Facebook page for the new movie he is helping to create with his friend.  Please go to the link below and support him by ‘liking’ the page and possibly sending it out to your friends.  I would love to drum up an incredible amount of support for this incredibly talented young man.  It’s not often that you see someone jump for such high dreams – not often that we get to have an actual influence on possibly the next big movie director.

So help me out – help him out, and follow the link below.




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