I received my eighth story acceptance today, and it got me thinking.

On the internet, we have been taught to be careful.  Guarded.  Never put your full name or information out there.

But for authors, especially up-and-coming authors, the need becomes altogether different.   Publicity is desired.  Necessary, even.  I started thinking about my latest acceptance.  Untitled, an Australia based magazine, accepted my story.  I thought about how some one half way across the continent could soon pick up their magazine and find my story in it.  I wonder if they’ll like it.  If they’ll look me up on the internet to see what else I have written.

The chances of that happening?  Slim to none.

But as my ‘career’ as a writer progresses, I begin to understand that publicity – a blog, a webpage, etc – will be necessary.  Thus I have set up another email address.  To be used only for my writing contacts, etc.  And here on my blog, I have inserted my full name…so that people can search for me if they want to.  So they can get in touch and say, “hey, I read your story in __________ magazine, and I really loved it.”

Or…I guess they could say something more like, “hey, I read your story in ________ magazine, it sucks.”

Either way, I want to hear from those people.  So I’m going to stop hiding.


~Alexis A. Hunter


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