Of Mug Rugs and Mummies

My days of late have been filled with writing, sewing, and selling computers at work.  This explains why I haven’t posted lately.  And…well, I don’t really have readers, so sometimes there’s just no need to post.

Anyway, my latest writing project is a short story for the Detours: Peculiar Places of West Virginia Anthology.  The challenge was to take  a real place in West Virginia that has a real unusual history, and write a story around the place.  So after some researching, I discovered the ‘Insane Mummies’ of Philippi, West Virginia.  The history surrounding these two mummies is intriguing.  So I made them the center of my story.  Anyway, with any luck, after some editing, it might be good enough for this anthology.  I really hope so – it’s very cool to write a story set in the same state you live in!

As far as quilting goes, I’ve decided to jump into the world of ‘mug rugs.’  If you don’t know what a mug rug is, let me explain.  It is a small coaster like object which is placed under a coffee mug.  Sometimes it has a pocket to put your spoon and/or packet of hot cocoa mix or something in it.  Sometimes it’s just the ‘rug’ itself.  Anyway – Easter is fast approaching, and my little siblings are coming to visit.  I wanted to make them something, not as an Easter present, but just…because I love and miss them.

So here’s my first mug rug ever made.  ‘Raven’ is my sister’s nickname.  Two more to go!

Anyway, I better run for now.  Take care!




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