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Story-a-Day Challenge: Complete (31/31 Stories Written)

As of today at 1:50 PM, I crossed proverbial finish line for the Story-a-Day challenge.  On my lunch break at work I scribbled furiously into my notebook.  Finished writing story #31 and so completed this amazing challenge. As with anything else, there are some definite mixed feelings.  Joy at having persevered and finished the challenge. … Continue reading Story-a-Day Challenge: Complete (31/31 Stories Written)

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‘Two Souls Entwined’ Published in With Painted Words

So there’s a nifty little e-zine called With Painted Words.  It’s a monthly online publication.  Each month a picture prompt is posted, and each month writers submit stories written around that prompt. I normally shy away from submitting to online works.  But when I stared at the prompt this time, I decided – what the… Continue reading ‘Two Souls Entwined’ Published in With Painted Words