The Printed Word

…In my opinion, you just can’t replace it.  The printed word, that is.

With the recent news about Borders closing their doors for good, a lot of authors – myself included – are worried about the future of print publications.  Literary magazines, books, anthologies, etc.  With the increasing ease and cheap costs of e-books, as well as the portability of e-readers, it seems almost inevitable that the world will eventually switch to an all digital format for stories.

Some say this will be a good thing, arguing about how it opens up the world for self-publishers and new authors.

Personally, I love books.  Real books.  With paper you can smell and feel.  I have more than my fair share of favorite books on my shelf that I read and reread.  That mean something to me.  I like being able to hold them.

One of my dreams as an author was to be able to walk into a bookstore and see a book with my name on it.  For that dream to be realized, bookstores need to stay open.  Print needs to stay in business.

For the past year or so of my writing life, I’ve neglected reading.  It seems weird, but I hadn’t read much in the past twelve months.  I got caught up with writing.  More concerned with getting my name in a publication than supporting a press.

In this past month and a half, my viewpoint has changed.  I’ve realized the necessity of supporting the small press publishers that continue to put out print publications.  Many have small followings, and their issues aren’t full color or gorgeous designs – but they are still full of amazing, beautiful stories.

Currently I have subscriptions to two small press magazines, and have bought a few single copies from others.  And the point of this whole piece?  I’m encouraging anyone who enjoys reading and still loves the printed word to support a publisher.  Small or big, there’s a ton of amazing magazines out there that no one knows about.  And most of them are pretty affordable.  So below is a list of a few that I subscribe to and that I would heartily recommend (having read some of their publications):

And there are many more wonderful small press magazines out there – these are just a few of my favorites.  Thanks for reading – and long live the printed word!

~Alexis A. Hunter


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