Beauty in the Balanced

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been extensively editing my suspense story.  I’ve shaved off at least a thousand words and had some help from a wonderful group of writers over at scribophile.

Generally speaking, I don’t edit a lot.

It’s one of my short comings.  I usually do a quick rush-edit to clear up grammar and spelling mistakes and maybe fix a few bulky sentences or tongue twisters.

But I want to make “To Live Fighting” perfect.  And over at scribophile, I’ve come to see one of my flaws in writing.

I lack balance.  Or I have in the past.  You see, I favor a certain style in my writing.  I love using fragment sentences, short paragraphs, one word sentences, etc, to spice up my writing.  It just emphasizes so much.  And I find such usage both potent and beautiful.

But upon reading my story through another person’s eyes (the best part of having someone critique your work), I’ve discovered I have abused this style.  ‘All things in moderation’ truly is the key.  When properly mixed up with longer sentences and paragraphs, my broken sentences and short paragraphs blend beautifully.  But if repeated too frequently – they loose their effect.

So as I’ve been editing, I’ve been trying to consciously choose when to use this, my favorite tactic.  And it seems to be working.  This is yet another thing this short story challenge has taught me.

I’m off to edit some more, but I thought I’d drop my thoughts here.  Thanks for reading.

~Alexis A. Hunter


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