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August – It’s a Good Month Already

Something tells me August is going to be a fantastic month.  Things are all lining up this month, and I’m super excited about numerous things going on in this thirty-one day span.

First – my story “Their Last Escape” should be published August 24th in Pill Hill Press’ Dark Heroes Anthology.  This will be my fourth publication, and I can’t wait to see this particular story hit print.

Second – I’m finally moving to Geek Squad at my job on the 22nd.  I’ve been trying to make this move for awhile.  I’m getting off the sale’s floor after about ten months.  I’ll officially be a Customer Service Agent.  That’s right – no longer an associate, you can call me Agent Hunter now.  🙂

Third – there’s one or two submissions I’m eagerly awaiting a response on and hope, hope, hoping for some acceptances.  While this isn’t like my other exciting things about August (in the fact, that this isn’t secure), I’m still going to keep on with the positive.  There’s also a contest going on over at Story-A-Day-May that I entered back in June.  Results should be out Monday and I’m really hoping to do well in that.

Anyway, just a small update on life, writing, and the lot.  It’s a good month.  So I’m going to go enjoy it some more.  Take care, peoples.

~Alexis A. Hunter


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