“The Flickering Flame” Published in Night to Dawn Magazine

This magazine hit print a little sooner than I expected – but I’m not complaining.

In Issue 20 of Night to Dawn Magazine, you’ll find a flash fiction piece I wrote, entitled “The Flickering Flame”.

The story is a special one to me, mostly because of how and when it came about.  I wrote it last summer.  My brother Michael Traven had come over to hang out with my husband and I.  We would watch movies, play video games and the like.  Well, somewhere through the course of the night, I ended up grabbing a journal and scribbling down a story.  A very short, first person vampire story.

I promptly handed it over to my brother.  He read it, offered me a few tiny suggestions to improve it and gave me some hearty encouragement.  As he always has done.  Michael has been among my biggest supporters over the course of my writing career, and in my life in general.  I can always count on him to tell me how to strengthen my works, and to offer enough encouragement and support to keep me writing.  He is a vastly talented young man, and I miss him greatly.

Anyway, I guess I’m just saying I’d like to dedicate this piece to him.

It marks my third print publication, and fourth overall.


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