NaNoWriMo · Writing

Start Your Engines

I started preparing at 11:45 PM.  I made sure my headphones were plugged in and ready, pulled up a youtube tab on my browser and selected my ‘writing’ playlist (including the beautiful Für Katherine by Alex Beard).  I finished typing out my complete outline, printed it and had it setting next to me.  Next, filled my cup with some pop.  Used the bathroom – had to make sure I didn’t get distracted, didn’t I?

And then I waited, killing the last few minutes by browsing NaNo forums and seeing if my buddies were ready to start yet.

11:58 PM found me opening a word document and adjusting the font, selecting double space, and such.  11:59 PM and I was just staring at the screen.  Waiting.  Waiting.


12:00 AM.  November 1st.

I already knew seven words to get me started:

God’s Thunder

By Alexis A. Hunter 


Then…I blanked.  Yep, I really did.  I glanced at my outline, but my fingers didn’t move.  I hit play on my playlist and some Lord of the Rings soundtrack started filtering into my ears.  But I had nothing.  I had that split second of panic, struggling to find the right words.  The perfect words to set the prologue up.

But nothing came.

And suddenly I thought – screw it.  I’m writing a novel.  Rather, the first draft of a novel.  And since when did a draft have to be perfect?  Since never.  So I started typing.  It didn’t feel right, the words didn’t go together right – but I kept writing.  I pushed myself.  I forced myself through 1,700 words before I had to stop so my husband could have the computer.

It still didn’t feel right, but I was glad to have the words down.  A daily goal is only 1,666 words, and I had already passed that for November 1st and I still had the whole day ahead of me.  Around 1 AM or 1:30 I got the computer back and figured I had some more words in me.

So I sat down again.  This time I selected my ‘cowboy’ playlist on youtube (switching to other stuff like ‘Deadman’s Gun‘ and ‘Compass‘).  It’s funny – for a centaur story, you wouldn’t think a Western themed playlist would work, but it actually meshed quite well.  And I sat down again and I started writing again.

And this time the words flowed nicely.  My doubt had been erased, I found myself getting lost in the prose instead of constantly glancing at the word count on the bottom of the screen.  In fact, I refused to look at it until I finished out the section I was working on.

By the time I stopped I found myself at 2,833.  Not that many more words – only about a thousand.  But it puts me above my goal, and it makes me feel a little bit better.  I was kind of shooting for about 5k on the first day, but as I mentioned before, I’ve still got the whole day ahead of me.  Will I get any more written today?  I’m really not sure.

But I think…I think I’ve made a good start. 🙂

Signing Out,



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