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Week 2 in Review

Well, NaNoWriMo has reached the end of week two and it’s time for another lovely update.  So far NaNo has gone unbelievably well for me.  Despite getting sick earlier this week, working more and earlier hours than I normally do at work – I’ve managed to write a massive amount of my novel.  Below are more details about how far I’ve come and how far yet I have to go.


Word Count: 45,284 words

Chapters: 9



* I managed to go through and break up the chapters as I mentioned I needed to last week.  I split three chapters up, wrote more and ended up with nine so far.  A pretty good number, I think, though that may grow even larger as I finish the novel.

* Breaking out the action.  I focused a bit more on breaking up all the dialogue with some action and I think it paid off.  I tried to add action wherever I could, and I think the balance is getting better.

* Getting back on track.  Over the course of the past two weeks I’ve strayed significantly from my outline – adding scenes, putting later ones in sooner, etc.  Two days ago, I discovered I was cutting the novel short because of this and I needed to spread the scenes out a bit more.  Yesterday, I spent much of my ‘writing time’ just rearranging sections and making them blend back in due to my deviations from the outline.


Areas to Work On:

* Get back to writing.  Since I just fixed the story (see outline note above), it’s definitely time to get back to writing new stuff and moving the story forward.

* Balancing emotions.  There’s a lot of powerful emotions in my story, and I think its beginning to get overwhelming for the reader.  I need to work on toning it down when possible or stating it via action versus telling.

* Finish it!  I believe the story will end up over 50k…possibly more like 60 or 70k.


Anyway, at the end of the second week, I’m definitely happy with my progress so far.  I’ve got a little bit more to go, but I’m far, far ahead of schedule so that’s great.  I do need to be careful I don’t get lazy as I’ve streaked ahead.  I’m definitely aiming not just to reach the 50k goal – but also to finish the novel, which is something I haven’t done in more than seven years.

Keep on writing!



One thought on “Week 2 in Review

  1. Hey there, I see that you can and will be able to do a novel. I am talking a day off because some think the day of your birth should be a work day. I on the other hand have the luxury to take a day off and enjoy it. As for nano you are on your way for making a novel, congratulations. I on the other hand have passed my personal best, 25000 words which the first two years took me a month. I’m well over that and slowly seeing that I will make it. This year will see me a getting to my goal. 🙂

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