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“A Chant in the Dark” – Free ‘eBook’ on Lulu

Lulu.com, a site well known to self-publishers around the country, is hosting a short story contest through the month of November.  The challenge was simply to write a 600 word short story and self-pub it on their site.  The top five, I believe, will be selected and prizes chosen.

So I decided to give it a shot.  It never hurts to try.

“A Chant in the Dark” is my free short story which you can download here.  If you do not have a Nook, iPhone, iPod, etc, then you may need to download the free adobe digital editions located on the right of the ebook.  I downloaded the adobe stuff as well as downloading the book to my iPod and it works pretty well.

The contest itself is in now way determined by the amount of downloads – so no pressure.  But it’s free, it’s dark and I wrote it.  So read it! 🙂



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