I Thought I Wrote Horror…

Once upon a time, I thought I wrote Horror.  Looking back, I’m not sure why.  But as I’ve read more fiction magazines and books, I’ve come to discover – I don’t write Horror.  I never have.

Self-discovery is good, I guess.  And I learned I write what I can only name ‘Dark Fiction.’

Horror is supposed to scare you.  Freak you out, give you goosebumps.  My stories have never done that – not to say they haven’t tried.  Instead, I’ve written dark tales – ending in misery, woe and often death for my main character.  Often the MC feels hatred, for himself or for others.  Often they are trapped, unable to change who they are or where they’re headed.  And things don’t generally go well.  Nothing wrong with that, I suppose.  It’s my own particular style.  But…it’s not Horror.

So that leaves me wondering – what is a good Horror story?  I’ve never once been scared by fiction, though I’d certainly like to be.  So give me your suggestions.  What book/story had you terrified?  Which one gave you chills and made you afraid to turn out the lights?  I want to know that kind of story.  I want to write that kind of story.

…Though I still love my poor doomed MC’s and their dreadfully tragic endings.  🙂

So hit me up with your suggestions.  I’d love to find some horror to make me afraid to sleep.  Self-published authors and small press works are of course highly encouraged – I always like to support my fellow writers.

~Alexis A. Hunter


2 thoughts on “I Thought I Wrote Horror…

  1. Dark fiction is a broad genre, to me… Hey I think your style is a horror from the perspective of the human conscience. Let me put this to you, I watched a horror movie which I taped, is called ‘A bucket of blood.’ The story is about a waiter who is an struggling artist in the late sixties or early seventies, where a place for artists to express themselves. The waiter goes home to rental property where his landlady lost her cat. Getting to be known as an artist and because of his infatuation of an artistic woman and his voices in his head, he tries to do something with his block of clay. He finds the landlady’s cat in the wall and accidentally kills it. With such an accident he then embalms the cat in clay. From there he becomes noticed and with his voices decides to sculpts more for his fans. He kills a cop and a few more. He proposes marriage to the artistic woman who denies him. She finds out his sculpture is a dead person and a chase ensues until the climatic end.
    I’ll not go on with the end. But it was a psychological horror. I think you write horror. It may not scare but it does make you think of the persons mind and the ill fated consequences that go with. My food for thought is this: horror is also a broad genre.
    As for titles of horror well there is too many to list but I will say my favorite is Stephen King.

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