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Etched Offerings Review

A great story moves you – to tears, to laughter, to anger, or simply eliciting a muted sigh of awe. The stories contained within Etched Offerings moved me to both sides of the spectrum – and hit almost every point in between.

Inanna Gabriel’s ‘Etched Offerings’ (the story itself) filled me with awe. Full of swirling and beautiful words, Gabriel painted a very vivid picture and drew me in from the start.

Ryan James Loyd’s “Banana Thing” brought me to laughter halfway through the story, but managed to challenge and intrigue me as well as entertain.

And “Empty Places” by Erin Searles…well, it just brought tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart.

For those enjoy dark fiction, there’s one or two dark stories within to satisfy that desire.

What I’m trying to illustrate here is that there is a large variety of stories within this anthology, as I have come to expect of Misanthrope Press. While maintaining the same theme – Pagan Fiction – each story is different, unique and offers a different feeling for the reader. The one uniting thread through all of these stories is the gorgeous prose and vivid descriptions.

Whether you subscribe to a pagan belief system or not, I believe you will enjoy these stories. I myself am not pagan, but I enjoyed every moment with this anthology – allowing myself to become lost in the imagining of it all, the beauty of magic and a love of the earth that can appeal to all people, I believe.

In the end, Misanthrope Press stood and delivered that high quality, unique combination of stories that leaves the reader happy and wanting more.

~Alexis A. Hunter


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