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“From A to Z” Published in Blink-Ink Issue 10

I’m a bit delayed in announcing this (here, at least), but “From A to Z” can now be read in the pages of Blink-Ink Issue #10.

Featuring "From A to Z"

If you’re not familiar with Blink-Ink, it’s a pretty nifty little publication.  Each story is usually 50 words or less, and the cost of a subscription is only $5.00 a year.  I subscribed last summer after discovering this publication and have enjoyed the issues I receive every couple of months.

I was quite delighted when Blink-Ink accepted my story “From A to Z” last fall.  I didn’t announce that acceptance, as they asked I refrain from doing so until it was published.

“From A to Z” came to life from a longer work I tapped out on my iPod about the dangers of getting a tattoo while drunk.  I took this longer flash piece and whittled it down to its absolute core and ta-da – “From A to Z” was born.  It’s especially entertaining for me to write such a story as I’ve never been drunk and I’ve never gotten a tattoo!

On another note, May is approaching, and with it the Story-a-Day May challenge for which I am very excited.  Unfortunately, I may be unable to post my stories here on my blog as this can rule out future publications in many instances.  Still – we shall see.  Maybe I’ll put a password on it and allow certain readers to continue reading them.  I’ll address it when the month gets closer.

For now I am rejoicing in this 11th story published (10th in print).

Take care!

Alexis A. Hunter


3 thoughts on ““From A to Z” Published in Blink-Ink Issue 10

  1. As always, so very proud of you and your work……glad you are keeping it up, and glad to be able to call you family…….love ya

  2. I just have to say: I have been following your blog for only a day. The photos you put up are just stunning. Are they your work? Also, the stories and posts you put with the pictures are just great to read. All I want to say: keep up the amazing work. You have talent because I surly see it! Congratulations.

    1. Thank you! The photos under ‘older photos’ (including the kids, the cross, etc) are mine. I took them quite awhile back when I was more into photography. I’d love to get into it again.

      I appreciate you taking the time to browse and read. 🙂 Your encouragement is much appreciated.

      I’ve only gotten a chance to read one or two posts on your blog, but have found them thought provoking and will continue to read them as you post more.

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