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“Into Poseidon’s Arms” to be Published by Kazka Press

In January, I discovered Kazka Press and their monthly 713 Flash contests.  Each month the awesome folks at Kazka provide a prompt.  The challenge is to write a 713 word flash piece ( 713 words…no more, no less) based on the prompt.

This month’s challenge can be found here.  It will remain open until the 20th of February.

Early in the month, just last week actually – I decided to write a piece for this month’s contest.  I mulled over some ideas, found one that sparked my interest and sat down late at night to write it.  After that was the fun part – editing.  I actually love editing when I have a specific word count to shave the piece down to.  It really cuts out the unnecessary parts and forces you to focus on what’s most important, to communicate any necessary back-story cleanly and efficiently and to pick the right words.  Each and every one of them.

My response time from Kazka was incredibly quick and they decided to publish my piece in the February issue of Kazka’s 713 Flash.  So look out on March 1st – be prepared to read “Into Poseidon’s Arms” on Kazka’s website.  Also, if you’re a writer, I definitely encourage you to try writing something for the prompt (or the prompts that will come in the following months).  Pay careful attention to the submission guidelines though as there’s a few different things that if you don’t pay heed to – you’ll get an instant rejection on.

And nobody likes those!

~Alexis A. Hunter


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