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“Sacrifice of the Goddess” Published in A Rustle of Dark Leaves

Last summer, I discovered Misanthrope Press via my favorite writing resource –  I submitted my story for the A Rustle of Dark Leaves anthology and was, of course, delighted to receive an acceptance some time later.  A few months down the road from that time, Misanthrope published their werewolf anthology.  After winning a small trivia contest, I received a code for a free copy of the werewolf anthology.

And that’s where my true appreciation of this publisher began.  Since then, I have purchased their Etched Offerings anthology, and downloaded every issue of their e-zine, Title Goes Here.  They are one of those publishers I can really get behind and support.  The quality of their stories is amazing, the selection they choose is so unique, and I am honored to be a part of one of their publications.  Not to mention C. Bryan Brown and Inanna Gabriel – the editors of Misanthrope Press – are friendly and amazing people.

So I’m done blabbering on about my favorite press.  What I meant to announce is that “Sacrifice of the Goddess” can now be found in the pages of this delightful anthology.  I look forward to reading the other stories selected.

~Alexis A. Hunter


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