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Week 2 – Recap

It’s Sunday night and week 2 is officially drawing to a close (albeit we’re 13 days into the challenge, not 14 – but Sundays are good recap days!).  Thought I’d pop back in for another weekly recap.

This week’s prompts focused primarily on characters.  It’s something I was excited to see happen as I often struggle with writing real, natural feeling characters.  This week has taught me a lot – a lot about creating real characters with real ticks and habits and such, as well as applying a (hopefully) more subtle touch to emotions.  Not spelling every last thing out, but instead allowing the reader to figure things out for themselves.

I’ve also used some prompts of my own throughout the week, drawing mostly from my writing prompt Pinterest board.

And enough chatter – here’s the stats at the end of Week 2 of Story-a-Day May.

Days in – 13

Stories written – 13

Genres – Sci-Fi, Horror, General/Literary, Fantasy, Supernatural Romance

Total Words Written – 32,922.

Average Words Per Day – 2,500


That’s all folks!  Thanks for dropping in!



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