Story-A-Day Challenge

Week 3 – Recap

Sunday has again returned to us and it’s time for my week 3 recap on my Story-a-Day May 2012 adventures.  This week over at, the prompts have been more focused on plot.  It’s been a week of mega stories (8,600 words) and tiny little baby stores (50-650 words).  Overall, the wordcount has jumped quite a bit (see below).  I’ve really enjoyed using Julie’s prompts and then taking picture prompts from my Pinterest board.

Learning a lot about inspiration – more about finding things that inspire me than just sitting there waiting for it to happen.  I’m beginning to think inspiration is a habit, a process you can get in.  Sure, some days it’s just not there – but almost every single day this month, I’ve been able to look at a picture or mull over a prompt for twenty minutes and then start spouting ideas.  I think Story-a-Day 2012 is conditioning me to think outside my normal writing zone and to come up with stuff quite a bit different from my usual stuff.

Anyway – here’s the recap!

Days in – 20

Stories Written – 23

Genres – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, General, Paranormal Romance, Romance

Word Count for Week 3 – 25,330

Total Word Count – 58,252 

Average Per Day (Month to Date) – 2,913

That’s all for now!  Only 11 Days left in the month. 🙂



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