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In the Wake of Story-a-Day May 2012

It’s been roughly two weeks since Story-a-Day May 2012 came to a close.  I posted a total recap about the experience, so I won’t go back into that.  Today, I’d rather discuss the days after the challenge and what progress I’ve made thus far.

Over at Scribophile, we had a Story-a-Day May group and we all cheered each other on.  It was great fun and quite heartening to see everybody trying to push everybody else on.  As May 31st approached, we discussed ‘edit-a-day’ in June.

Well, it hasn’t quite been edit-a-day for me.  Instead, I’ve taken my time working through the stories I wrote in May.  All through the month, I kept an Excel spreadsheet with story titles, genres, word count, possible markets to submit them to and, finally, deadlines for those submissions.  It’s proved incredibly handy in keeping me organized and focused on the next story.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been dutifully posting my stories on Scribophile for critiques, editing and submitting.  I haven’t really written a new story (albeit, one poem and one nonfiction piece for my dad for Father’s Day) since May, but I’m really enjoying this editing/submitting process.  It’s unusual for me to like editing much, but I feel I am honing my skills.  And that’s a good feeling.

Thus far, I’ve edited and submitted 5 stories.  I see so much promise in the stories I wrote this year versus the ones I wrote last year.  I can’t wait to get to the next stories, clean them up and ship them out – just hoping they find a home.  In the year ahead, we’ll see just how successful the month of May will prove to be.

I hope to beat last year’s record.  That is – from Story-a-Day May 2011, I had four stories accepted (three already published, one on the way).  I think I can do much better this year.  I really do.


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