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“To Live Fighting” Published in A Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales


For the past two years, Wicked East Press has held a challenge of sorts.  Authors threw their names into a pot to see who’s names would be drawn.  Ten authors are picked at random and Jessica A. Weiss assigned us a genre.  After that, authors are to create a writing prompt and the prompts are dispersed among the authors.

Essentially, last June, my name was among those drawn.  Ten of us were given the Suspense genre to write in, and then we each came up with writing prompts.  The prompts were mixed up, so the one I wrote was given to another author blindly.  We each then had to write a story based on the prompt given us and keep it in the Suspense genre.

And thus was born “To Live Fighting”.  It’s a short story of over 10,000 words and my longest yet to be published.  This makes my seventeenth publication.  I really like the story I wrote, although my style has changed significantly since I wrote “To Live Fighting”.

Thanks for reading!

Alexis A. Hunter


9 thoughts on ““To Live Fighting” Published in A Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales

      1. There was some discussion on the forums about who gave which prompt but I don’t think anyone mentioned the one that I gave or the one that I

      2. hehe..I don’t mind you asking so I’ll tell. It is pretty obvious by my story title (Blind Justice) anyway. My prompt said that my protagonist had to be either born without one of the senses (sight, hearing) or lost it sometime later in life, that bad weather had to play a part in the climax and that the antagonist has selected my MC as the next target.

        I don’t remember exactly what the prompt I gave was but it was something like ‘Your MC is paralyzed with fear around fire and is faced with an arsonist with a love of explosions’…or something like

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