Published Works

Preview of “Four-by-Four”

August promises to be good to me, with 4 pieces set to be published that month.  Among those, is “Four-by-Four” a flash piece I originally wrote for AE’s scifi flash contest.  The excellent folks over at Interstellar Fiction accepted this piece earlier this month for publication in their inaugural issue.

Working with Adam Crouse, in the month leading up to publication, has been a fantastic experience.  I highly recommend this publisher to any sci-fi writers out there looking for an online venue for their work.

A week or so ago, Adam contacted me asking if I’d like to read a preview of my story to be posted on Interstellar’s website.  Now I’m not a fan of my own voice, but I thought it’d be a neat way to connect to readers.  I made a few recordings – my cat, Ripley, interrupted me a few times trying to figure out why I was talking to myself – and sent two off to Adam.  That very day, July 17th, he posted one up on their site.  Check it out here.

More posts to come this month as I’ll be updating this with each of the four publications set to come out in the following weeks.  Thanks for reading (and listening)!


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