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“Dying Mother” and “Four-by-Four” Published

Today saw two of my sci-fi, flash pieces published at two different markets.

Sometime after midnight, Kazka Press published ‘Dying Mother‘ as one of three ‘713’ pieces for their monthly submission call.  The challenge was to use a first line selected by Kazka Press and write a sci-fi/fantasy story of 713 words exactly.  I’m no stranger to that challenge, as I wrote and had published by Kazka another 713 piece back in February (‘Into Poseidon’s Arms‘).

I encourage fellow writers to check Kazka out as they’re a fantastic publisher to work with.  They recently made some changes in the way they do business – including a raised payment for published work ($10, no matter how many words), announcing the themes months ahead of time and opening up the word-count a little.

Also today, Interstellar Fiction published ‘Four-by-Four‘ in their inaugural issue.  This piece is a sci-fi piece of less than 500 words.  Keep an eye on this publisher in the coming weeks for a ebook version of the issue.  Also be sure to check out the Q&A’s the included authors did – there’s some interesting answers for these mini-interviews. Check out mine, here.

Interstellar Fiction was also a pleasure to work with from a writer standpoint.  I dealt mainly with Adam Crouse in the month leading up to today.  He did an excellent job of releasing audio previews, piece-by-piece teasers of the art and in general advertising for this neat publication.  The pay is good to at 2 cents per word (up to 2k words, after that it goes to 1 cent per word) – so again, science fiction writers, get on it!

Thanks for reading and putting up with my incessant chatter.  You’ll be hearing more from me in the next week or so as I have two more pieces scheduled to be released this month.  🙂


2 thoughts on ““Dying Mother” and “Four-by-Four” Published

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I’m going to check out your stories during my break (from work..on a Saturday…sob) but I just wanted to say it’s very inspirational to read about how you are publishing your work! Thanks:)

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