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Haiku Published in Three Line Poetry

I know!  Not the normal headline from me, right?  Well, about four-six months back, I started dabbling in poetry (those who read regularly will know this).  Scribophile, my favorite writing/critiquing sight, has monthly poetry contests that are designed to help you learn more about writing poetry, new forms, etc.

A few months back, we had the Haiku form.  The point wasn’t so much to stick to the typical specifically counted syllable structure of today’s haiku.  Rather, it was about the essence of haiku – the connection, the revelation that is born when people connect with nature or with other people.

So in the end, I had five haiku on my hand and decided to try throwing one out into the world.  Three Line Poetry accepted and published my haiku today.  It’s an interesting little publication.  They accept 60% of their submissions, according to duotrope.com, so it’s no major feat to be accepted there – but still.  I thought it was time to let the world see my poetic side.

So you – go read this.  It’s extremely short and will take you five seconds.  My piece is about three quarters of the way down.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Haiku Published in Three Line Poetry

  1. LOVE your haiku, seriously. Can’t explain it really, just love how it felt when I read it. Love your choice of words. What a great picture it drew for me.

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