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“Lace Angel” Published in Title Goes Here (Web Edition) 2.8

I told you’d it’d be a busy month for me, and see if it isn’t.  😛

Tonight, Title Goes Here published Issue 2.8, containing my dark (and a bit strange) short story, “Lace Angel”.  This story is one of my favorites from this year’s Story-a-Day May, and the first from that batch of stories to be published.  Check the PDF issue out here!

This is my first story published in Title Goes Here, a publication of Misanthrope Press.  Misanthrope is among my most favorite publishers.  My relationship with this publisher began last summer when they accepted a short story of mine (‘Sacrifice of the Goddess’) for A Rustle of Dark Leaves, a forest themed anthology.  As I waited for that publication to hit print, I discovered Misanthrope’s other two anthologies as they were published – Children of the Moon: A Werewolf Anthology and Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron of Story.  These two anthologies quickly impressed me with their stories – each on the same theme, but all unique and fascinating. 

To learn more about the editors, C. Bryan Brown and Inanna Gabriel, you can visit their individual websites (click their names).  Be sure to check out Brown’s brand new novel, Necromancer, and Gabriel’s thrilling novel, Act Three, Scene Four

I’ll stop yammering now.  Look for another announcement on the 14th when The Ghost IS the Machine hits print!

~Alexis A. Hunter


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