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Niteblade Blog Train and Release of Issue 20

Hey folks!

A while back, I announced that Niteblade Magazine published my flash piece (“Dragons of Fire”) in their 20th issue.  Niteblade has a pretty neat setup in that they charge for PDF copies of the magazine up until they reach their fundraising goal for that issue.  Once that goal is met, the issue is released to the public for free.


I’m dropping back in to let you know that Niteblade did meet the goal for Issue 20, and you can now read the complete story of “Dragons of Fire” (and the other stories in that issue) for free. 🙂 Just click the story name and you’ll be whisked away to read it.

While we’re on the subject of Niteblade, that particular publication is celebrating their fifth anniversary with a blog train.  To quote the first blog train post (here): “To celebrate we decided to host a small blog train. It starts right here with this post, then tomorrow it will move on to its first stop. Over the rest of the month the train will visit 23 blog entries that all have something to do with Niteblade. C’mon, it’s going to be quite a trip!”

So follow along each day and see what the others have to say.  Look for a post from me on August 22nd as I hop on board the train as well!  Thanks for reading, and as always, for your support.



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