Published Works

“Afterimage” Published in The Ghost IS the Machine

I told you I’d be back shortly, didn’t I?

Quite delighted to announce that The Ghost IS the Machine  was released today.  Among the haunted machine stories, you will find my own sci-fi short story, “Afterimage”.  I actually have a nice little spot right at the end of the book.

Working with Patrick Scalisi, the editor for this particular project, was a fantastic experience.  He proved a most friendly and skilled editor and polished “Afterimage” up with me to make it a better piece.  Not to mention, he made sure to keep in touch with the contributing authors and keep us updated on the project’s status.

Then he started this lovely phenomenon of contributing authors/editors taking pictures being ‘attacked’ by machines with The Ghost IS the Machine being featured somewhere in the photo.  That was great fun and I hope more of the contributing authors will chime in on that soon.

All in all, a fantastic experience, a strong collection (I’ve already started reading) featuring a story from Stoker Award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill and many other great authors and stories.  I’m delighted to be a part of this collection.

Kindle – here.

Paperback – here.

Nook – here.


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