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Book Review: Necromancer by C. Bryan Brown

Published by Post Mortem Press

C. Bryan Brown’s Necromancer started with a bang and never slowed down. The steady rise of tension was masterfully orchestrated to keep me flipping pages long past when I meant to put the book down. This is a gritty crime novel that will ease you into the supernatural realm with cleverly planted hints along the way, before smacking you upside the head with the otherworldly.

Torrin McGlynne made for a fascinating and multifaceted main character. Scenes in the outside world show me his determination, his quick wit and sarcasm, and his strength. But inside the home, with the people that matter most to him, we are allowed to see what really makes the man tick — what makes him do the things he does, what gives him that strength to push on.

As serious and dark as Necromancer is, the story was not without its funny moments. Multiple pop-culture references had me chuckling more times than I can count, and the banter between Torrin and his partner Bobby mixed just the right amount of dry humor into this heavy, dark atmosphere.

I tried and tried to think of anything I could offer up in the negative on this book, and in the end, I came up almost empty-handed. The only scenes I could have lived without were the two sex scenes — but honestly, that’s just personal preference. Still, C. Bryan Brown managed to keep these scenes brief and not over-done.

All in all, Necromancer nailed the balance between all aspects: the balance between the characters’ flaws and their strengths, between Torrin’s despair and hope, and between the story’s darkness and humor.

Necromancer can be found on Amazon and Smashwords.

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