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“Midnight Hour” Published in Insatiable

“Midnight Hour” is one of the many stories I wrote during Story-a-Day May 2012.  I was delighted when Insatiable accepted my submission of this story and still am.  Working with the folks over at White Cat Publications has been excellent and I definitely recommend their many publications to any writers looking for a home for their work.

This is my twenty-third publication.  I know, I said that last time with my story in The Other Herald, but I was accidentally counting a poem publication and I’d like to keep the two lists separate.

So, number twenty-three here.  What I think and hope is a sweet, dark and maybe a bit surprising love story.

Note: My story in this publication is very much PG/PG-13, however, not having read the other stories yet, I cannot speak to the content rating of the others.  


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