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A Handful of Stories Published!

I have a handful of announcements to post, so I decided to put them all in one post instead of spamming you lovely readers.  Here goes!

April is already turning out to be a month of happy-fun-times.  Yes, happy-fun-times.  I should have at least five stories published this month, and most of them are clustered on April 1st or close to that date.  So here’s what we have, folks.

Kasma SF April 1 2013 Memory File 006

1.) Kasma SF published my science fiction story, “Memory File #006“, around midnight last night.  It is free to read and accompanied by an utterly gorgeous illustration created by José Baetas.  I wrote this story last year around the time I first decided to dive into the science fiction genre.  “Memory File #006” remains one of my favorite stories, despite its relative brevity.  And the artwork created by José Baetas captures the story and the emotion just perfectly.

Bards and Sages April 2013

2.) Bards & Sages Quarterly published my fantasy story, “Dice and a Prayer“, in their April 2013 issue.  You can find it on Createspace (click the story link) and for a limited time, receive 10% off the print version with the following code: AK3ENESC.  “Dice and a Prayer” is another one of the stories I wrote during last year’s Story-a-Day May challenge and I was delighted when Bards & Sages accepted it for publication.  I’m even more delighted to have this story sharing the pages with some of my writing friends — be sure to check out stories by Brenda Stokes Barron and Steven Saus, also in this issue.

eHorror April 2013

3.) eHorror published my horror story, “One Brave Thing”, in their April 2013 issue, now available.  This story is one I wrote that drew a lot of inspiration from my real life and real life fears.  For a long time, I’ve feared looking in the mirror when it’s completely dark.  From that fear, came “One Brave Thing” — one of my few forays into outright horror stories rather than just “dark” fantasy/science fiction, etc.

Spark Volume I Art

4.) Today, Spark: A Creative Anthology published my weird western story, “By the Gun”, in Volume I.  I am especially excited about this particular story and this particular publication because I wrote a sequel to “By the Gun” which will be published in Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume II.  The characters that I wrote in these two stories are among my most favorite and were such a blast to write.  Spark is filled to the brim with wonderful stories from fantastic authors, a few that I know well.  There’s a dark, but oddly hopeful piece by the talented George Wells that I can’t wait for the world to read, and many more wonderful stories besides.  Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume I can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more.

Mad Scientist Journal Quarterly

5.) Mad Scientist Journal put together their quarterly collection, including my epistolary fantasy story, “The Writings of Brigham Worthing“, available on Smashwords and Amazon.  This is a reprint of sorts as my story was previously published on their website in March.


6.) Necon E-Books just published “Peter Pan” — a tiny, 100-word drabble of mine — in their annual collection: Necon E-Books Flash Fiction Anthology: Best of 2012.  This is another “reprint” of sorts, where my story was originally published on their website (in December) and is now part of a larger collection.  This story, tiny though it is, was a lot of fun to write.  I enjoy trying to write within such great limits and the prompt that particular month was to take something in a book which isn’t scary and look at it from another angle which makes it scary.  I, obviously, chose Peter Pan.

And, for now, I believe that’s it! As I said, April is starting out on a spectacular note.  I hope you get the time to check out a few of these stories — especially the free-to-read one.  Thanks for stopping in as usual.

~Alexis A. Hunter


2 thoughts on “A Handful of Stories Published!

  1. CONGRATS MY DEAR! I read all the stories available for free on the net before, except for Memory File #006–I just read it now, and it blew my mind away. I loved the juxtaposition you set up between his very poignant human memories and his life as a robot, which made the whole thing even more SAD (and awesome) at the end. You are such a talented writer. I wish you heaps of success, and I thank you for your inspiration, as always:)

    1. Thanks SO much! 🙂 You always encourage me so much. I’m very grateful for you. Thanks for reading, for your kind words and for sharing the link on Twitter. You’re the best! 🙂

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