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Story-a-Day May

The annual Story-a-Day May challenge begins tomorrow.  If you’ve followed my blog at all, you’re probably pretty familiar with the challenge by now.  It is my favorite of any writing challenge I’ve found so far.


Story-a-Day May is grueling.  Write one story ever day.  31 days, 31 stories.  It’s tough.  It’s time consuming.  By the end, it can leave you feeling drained.

But it’s so gloriously fun.  I love it.  I love all of it, even the tough parts.  For the past two years, I’ve participated and “won” Story-a-Day May.  Both times it really opened my eyes to just what I can do when I set my mind to it.  That fickle thing called “inspiration”, it turns out, can be coaxed to life almost whenever I need it.  Every day, the Story-a-Day site posts a prompt.  I almost always use that prompt, sometimes supplemented with one of my own.  If I stare at a photo prompt long enough, or roll around a regular prompt in my head for enough time, something invariably comes to mind.

Last year I was even more successful than the previous year.  Last year, I wrote over 80,000 words of fiction over the course of May.  Since then, I’ve had eight of those stories accepted for publication (six have already been published).

Now, my goals for this year aren’t quite as high (as far as word count for the month).  I’ve got a lot of bigger life changes going on this month, which I suspect will detract from my writing time.  Still.  My intentions are to finish the month with 31 stories just like every other year.  They may be a bit shorter, however.  I’m hoping their quality remains as high if not higher than before.  I’d like to sell a higher number of stories from 2013’s challenge.  Keep escalating.

I’ve spent the past three weeks or so gearing up for this challenge.  It’s a marvelous one for short story writers.  I hope some of you will give it a shot, if you’re not already.

Tomorrow’s the big day! Are you ready?



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