Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day May 2013 – Week 1 Update!

Greetings folks!

Most of you are probably aware by now that I’m participating, once again, in the lovely and daunting challenge of Story-a-Day May.  I’ve been posting the stories to my blog every day, but they’re password protected.  If you are interested in reading my stories (remember, they are extremely rough drafts), please let me know and I’ll see if I can get the password to you.

Now, on to super happy fun times!


Yesterday, that is Sunday the 5th of May, is what I’m going to call the end of week one.  Granted, it’s only five days in — but it’s the first Sunday and this is my blog…so, I’m calling it that!  Deal!  LOL.  Every Sunday/Monday I hope to post a public post updating you all on my progress.  This prevents me from spamming you all with my daily stories and also keeps you updated on my progress (in case, you know, you care).

So here goes!

Week One of 2013’s Story-a-Day May has gone pretty fantastically so far.  I’ll give you the nitty-gritty details below, but will take a moment to expound here.  So far this month, I’ve written 4 of 5 stories that involved wings or feathers of some kind.  Not really sure what’s going on in my brain, but apparently I’m obsessed with wings, flying and feathers.  My husband chalks it up to my obsession with Supernatural (and one of my favorite characters, the angel – Castiel).  Sure, we’ll just call it that.  Anyway, lots of flying going on.

Also, for some reason the titles are all long and drawn out this year, too.  Seriously, my brain is acting a little odd!

I already have a couple of favorite stories, right out of the gate.  And I’m going to include an excerpt below from “A Life Not Tied to Earth” — my Day 2 story.  For now, here’s the stats so far…


5 of 5 Stories Written

Total Word Count: 14,652

Average Words Per Day: 2,930

Story Titles:

  • – “Let the Darkness Color Your Wings”
  • – “A Life Not Tied to Earth”
  • – “The Clock has Ceased its Ticking”
  • – “Fly Away with the Monarch King”
  • – “The Vast Weight of Their Bleeding Hearts

Excerpt from “A Life Not Tied to Earth”

Sisika threw her head back.  For the first time in her thirty and four years, she let go of all the restraints.  She roared, her eyes pressed closed.  It felt as if every part of her body sought release, sought to tear itself apart. 

And then, Sisika burst.

The rustle of so many wings crashed against her ears.  The wind washed over…and…under her.  She opened her eyes to find she had many eyes.  And many forms.  She thought the world was spinning, but she realized she was spinning.  All the parts of her — dozens and dozens of sleek ravens, coiling up into the sky. 


That’s all for now, folks! 🙂




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