Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day May 2013 – Week 2 Update!

It’s officially Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

(I really hope you read that in big macho announcer voice. If not, consider yourself shunned.)

That means it’s time for another round of updates on my progress in the Story-a-Day May challenge.  So let’s get to it!



This week went pretty great.  Wrote a lot of new favorites, one or two that sort of deviated from plan and overall just had fun!  I had to write quite a few of these at midnight, due to time constraints the following day, but I always waited until it was officially the right day to write! 🙂

This week I wrote seven speculative stories and one literary story.  What?  That’s eight stories?  Yep, I did two one day.  They were shorties, so it was okay.  And without any more blabbering, here’s the details…



12 of 12 Stories Written

Words Written during Week 2: 20,504 words

Total Word Count: 35,186 words

Average Words Per Day (to date): 2,932

Week 2 Story Titles:

  • “Sons of Stone”
  • “The Costume Wears Me”
  • “Painting of Two Entwined Lovers”
  • “You Found the Silence”
  • “Dart Away Home”
  • “Unknown Percentage”
  • “Subject Stellar”
  • “No Longer a Fragment”








Excerpt from “The Costume Wears Me“…


In a flash, rage explodes in my mind.  I am blinded by it.  My hands clench around Boris’ neck.  I roll again, pinning him beneath me.  I am smaller, I am weaker — but not in the scarlet costume.  His choking, wet cries barely reach my ears.  Blood seeps from his busted nose, staining his teeth as he batters my hands desperately. 

This rage is all that exists. It is clean and pure and possessing.  I haul one fists back and begin punching him.  Again and again, my knuckles crushing his face while he screams, only barely able to breathe through my vise grip. 

In this moment, the costume and I move in perfect tandem.  Our hate synchronizes us.  The costume doesn’t want to let go — I don’t want to leave.  All the guilt and the pain twist into rage and I cannot control myself, just as I cannot control the scarlet satin.



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