Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day May 2013 – Week 3 Update!

Sunday has arrived once more and it’s time for my weekly check-in.  Hurray! 🙂




Week 3 was more even in terms of genre — three general or “literary” stories and four speculative ones.  Word counts were as low 593 (only story this week below 1k words) and as high as 5,305 (two stories over 5k).  All in all a good week.  Starting to feel a bit of wear and tear, just constantly pondering stories and such.

That and I haven’t been using the official prompts. A big deviation from the past two year’s — I’m picking my own prompts 90% of the time which is, oddly, more taxing.  But I believe it results in better quality stories, so that’s good and worth the struggle.

Here’s the details, folks…


19 of 19 Stories Written

Week 3 Words Written: 20,490

Total Word Count (Month So Far): 55,676

Average Words Per Day (To Date): 2,930

Week 3 Story Titles:

  • Pall-Bearer
  • Goodbye Stranger
  • Radar Love
  • The Garbage Chute Gremlin
  • Floating Dead in the Clouds
  • I Pray to the Automaton
  • Hollow Chest’s Club


Interesting part of the statistics thus far?  My weekly word count is only 14 words less than week 2.  Also my average daily word count is holding stead at 2 words less than week 2.  Interesting stuff!  I’m now past fifty-five thousand words — and it’s only Day 19!  If I keep up this pace, I may meet or exceed last year’s word count (80,000 words).

Thanks for reading, guys!



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