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“The Shadow Attached to His Name” Published in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume II

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m here to announce a first for me in terms of my writing and publications.

Are you prepared for this?

I suppose the title tells you most of what you need to know, of course. I’ve had another story published.  What the title doesn’t tell you, however, is that this story is the first sequel I’ve ever written.  “The Shadow Attached to His Name” is the sequel to my weird western short story,  “By the Gun” , which was published in Spark:  A Creative Anthology, Volume I.  I am delighted to have Della and Colton’s story continue with the fine people over at Spark.  

Cover Art by Charles King
Cover Art by Charles King

Writing a sequel to one of my stories is, as I mentioned, something I’ve never done before.  I found it a fascinating and thrilling challenge, as I had to make each story stand alone but still connect to each other.  Weaving threads from the past while setting up a possible third installment was a nerve-wracking, but very rewarding endeavor.  This may be the closest I’ll ever come to writing a novel.

If you haven’t checked out Spark: A Creative Anthology yet, I really recommend it — whether you’re a reader or a writer.

For readers, this wonderful publication offers a large variety of beautiful and powerful stories.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m published among them.  I’m still reading my way through Volume I, taking my time and really savoring each story or poem before moving on.  These two volumes host stories from multiple genres, ranging from literary to speculative, with a hearty dose of poetry peppered in as well.  My favorites in Volume I include Margaret Dilloway‘s “Ever Since I’ve Seen Your Face” and George Wells‘ “Last Rites” — both of which are powerful, moving stories that have really stuck with me.

For writers, Spark: A Creative Anthology is a wonderful market to trust with your stories.  They’re dedicated to paying their authors; they accept almost any genre; they’re kind, helpful and quite talented when it comes to editing; and one of my favorite parts — they put out one heck of a fine product.  As soon as I held Volume I in my hands, I fell in love.  It’s a gorgeous collection.  Smooth, polished, professional.

But now, at last, I shall stop babbling.  You can order your own copy of Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume II at the following links…

Print – $14.99 + shipping

eBook  – $2.49 (on sale)

eBook (Amazon) – $4.49


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