Published Works

“Lace Angel” Published in Voluted Dreams #2 (Reprint)

“Lace Angel” was originally a Story-a-Day May 2012 story.  I wrote it based on a really beautiful image prompt.  While “Lace Angel” isn’t really speculative fiction (my normal fare), it is definitely a story I hold close.  It has a darkness, an insecurity, a pain in it that resonates with me.  I hope it resonates with my readers as well.

The amazing folks over at Title Goes Here: (Web Edition) originally published this story in one of their final issues last year.  After they shut down, I sort of let the story sit on the back-burner.  But when I saw Voluted Tales call for “darkness internal” themed stories, I knew “Lace Angel” was the right piece to send.  

I’m delighted to have found a second home for this dark little story.  I hope more people will get a chance to read it, share their thoughts and so on.  So what are you waiting for?  Click here and go check it out!  🙂  

Thanks for reading!



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