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“Resurfacing” Published in Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 8

I’m delighted to share with you guys that my science fiction story, “Resurfacing”, has been published in Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 8.  This issue is available for e-readers as well as print via Amazon and Createspace!

PFM Issue 8 larger

“Resurfacing” is a post-apocalyptic science fiction tale about a young, upgraded (think cyborg!) woman and her struggles to keep her father alive in their wasteland of a world.  I really enjoyed writing this piece.  I am fascinated by the idea of technology becoming part of our bodies, of getting “augmented” simply because you desire to, not due to any need or injury.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out PFM’s eighth issue.  I’m looking forward to reading the other stories included in the issue.  Plasma Frequency Magazine is one of those magazines I tried quite a few times to get into before finally breaking in, and I’m absolutely delighted to have my story published with them.

As a side note, this marks my 40th original story published!

Thanks for reading!

Alexis A. Hunter


4 thoughts on ““Resurfacing” Published in Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 8

  1. This is a terrific story. Bleak but beautifully written. And with two characters who have a complicated relationship, and with a nice (and believable) role reversal between the parent and child. One of the things I liked about the story is that for about three quarters of it (if one ignores the intro in this journal) it is not clear whether the narrator is a boy or a girl – I suspected that it was a girl, but I think that was mainly because I am familiar with your writing. Another story in which you effectively blur the line between human and robot. Well done.

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