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Book Review: “Beyond the Tempest Gate” by Jeff Suwak

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Beyond the Tempest Gate Synopsis

From the time he was a young boy, Gabriel Aterias knew he was destined to rise from the peasantry and become the Holy Knight of the Church of Dunrabian. By the time he was twenty four years old, he had already led the Church’s armies to greater victories than any other man in history. Yet, his greatest feat still lay ahead of him. Beyond the elemental barrier of the Tempest Gate lurks the demon Elezear. An evil older than the world itself, it nearly eradicated the human race once before. For five hundred years, the people of the Five Kingdoms have slept uneasily, praying that the creature would not escape the walls of storm that confined it. Gabriel vows to destroy the demon. His quest will take him far beyond the borders of civilization, across the ocean, and into unimaginable darkness. What he will soon discover is that the greatest danger in his quest to save the world may very well be the loss of his own soul.


My Review of “Beyond the Tempest Gate”

Being familiar with the works of author Jeff Suwak, I began reading “Beyond the Tempest Gate” with every expectation that I would enjoy reading this book. But for me, “Beyond the Tempest Gate” blew past my expectations. I didn’t just like this wonderfully dark saga, I LOVED it. In every possible way. There was literally nothing in this book that disappointed me.

Gabriel, the main character and hero of our tale, was a character that I’m not normally sympathetic to. He’s driven, he’s passionate about his goals and he seems to often have no doubt. That’s so vastly different from my own personality that I originally worried I would have a hard time connecting to him. But that was not at all the case. Suwak made me care about Gabriel. He showed me this man’s struggles, his passion, he let me into Gabriel’s mind and heart and in the end I was rooting for this guy all the way. Especially when his flaws began to be revealed!

The prose is polished and beautiful. Every single word felt like it had been carefully selected, like it needed be a part of the story. The imagery and strange surroundings that Gabriel eventually finds himself in were extremely well written, not at all the generic sort you sometimes encounter in dark fantasy. Some of the nasty, creepy obstacles that Gabriel encounters just had me grinning at their inventiveness, their uniqueness.

All throughout the story, Suwak lays some very subtle, very careful groundwork that provide some fantastic twists at the end. The groundwork was so subtle that I suspected, but did not know for sure how Gabriel’s story would end — the pleasant balance of a surprise that makes sense within the story.

All in all, this was a delightfully dark journey. I definitely recommend this book to any fan of dark fantasy. It was a thrill to read.


About the Author

Jeff Suwak resides among the spectacular mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. A former Army Ranger, he enjoys hiking, training in martial arts, and trying to absorb far more information than his brain is biologically equipped to handle. His greatest passion is writing the literature of the fantastic, and that’s where he devotes as much of his time as possible. This is his first published novella. Jeff invites you to visit him at


“Beyond the Tempest Gate” is available for purchase on AmazonBarnes & Noble and at Vabella Publishing’s website.  


One thought on “Book Review: “Beyond the Tempest Gate” by Jeff Suwak

  1. I’m on the third or fourth chapter of “The Tempest Gate” and I am absolutely in love with it! Like you, I found that the book was about characters and things I usually don’t gravitate towards, but in this book, I just LOVED the main character and his ride! I’ve been reading it before bed and having the craziest dreams about storms at sea and carnivorous jungles. :). I’d highly recommend this read to anyone. Thanks for posting a lovely review Alexis!

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